Transition to Greatness: Breaking Free from Censorship

The Silicon Valley Speech Cartel has put us all on notice. They will be the arbiters of "free speech" and we will be the surfs who provide the content of their choosing. Whaaaat????? Oh Hell no! We will NOT COMPLY and we will SAY as we please. That is our unalienable God given right as published by our Founding Fathers in our Bill of Rights, declaring us free from tyranny. The tyrannical technocrats have gone too far, and the only ship who can send them back to where they came is the SS Patriot.

SteelTruth is proud to captain that ship with other like minded freedom lovers. This week we launch our new website complete with livestreaming and chat and without the ability for the speech cartel to decide whether or not we are spamming, providing misinformation, or just deleting our content because it does not fit the narrative they are paid to spew. SteelTruth seeks to deliver content on a platform that embraces all voices, even the dissenting ones. We humbly ask that you are polite when presenting your views. Engaged dialogue is encouraged, rudeness and disrespect is not.

Since Joe Biden has been placed in the seat of "power", he has signed over 40 Executive Orders reversing President Trump's unparalleled job creation and growth, energy independence, increased national security and protection of our civil liberties with open borders policies. The America First agenda was simply putting the oxygen mask on America FIRST, then assisting other countries with unilateral trade deals including food, defense needs and ultimately building a FREEDOM & LIBERTY coalition of world peace. Never before has the contrast between good and evil, freedom and communism, globalism and the free market economy been so stark. Is this the wake up call Americans and freedom lovers worldwide need to take a stand, organize and fight back?

In the coming weeks and months, SteelTruth will feature civic duty as a hallmark of achieving and maintaining freedom. It has always been incumbent on We the People to govern ourselves, albeit through our representatives in all levels of government, local and federal, but not without close monitoring and action when our representatives fail us. President Trump told America and the world that he was restoring power to the rightful rulers of this land, "We The People". We can not fail that edict. We must work to regain and restore our local communities by limiting the powers of government. We must also work to remove the Dominion voting machines so that we can restore our election integrity. Without election integrity, we are not a free Republic.

I look forward to seeing the Steel Forum grow in members and dialogue. From there we will highlight your comments, ideas and questions for this weekly newsletter. Please share the SteelTruth website with your friends. This is your place to come, get your nightly news with great guests and share your ideas. Together we can continue the journey to Make America Great Again...

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