There Is No Southern Border

Since the Biden administration was installed six weeks ago, the Southern Border has ceased to exist.

“Basically, there is no border. It is wide open,” said Ed Ashurst, an Arizona rancher and author. “There’s no pursuit of illegal aliens by the Border Patrol at this time.”

Ashurst has endured numerous hardships as a result of massive illegal immigration on and near his home---including the loss of a close friend, rancher Rob Krentz, who was shot to death in 2010 by an illegal alien.

Border Patrol agents are under orders to spend their time indoors processing illegal aliens, Ashurst said in a phone interview.

Then they are let go inside America.

This is a reverse of the policy of the Trump administration, in which Border Patrol agents prevented illegal aliens from entering the country---and deported many who succeeded in crossing the border.

“The agents as a whole on all three shifts at Douglas are having to spend all their time processing aliens,” Ashurst said, referring to the busy station in the border town in the southeast corner of the state. “They’re being kept busy in the office. They’re not getting out in the field.”

Illegal immigrants from all over the world are being invited to invade America---regardless of whether they are in poor health, loyal to a foreign enemy, or smuggling child sex slaves or toxic drugs such as fentanyl.

Border Patrol agents have been once again set aside by the Democrats---allowing the drug cartels that control the southern side of the border to decide which illegal immigrants will enter America.

Ashurst said the Border Patrol is so overwhelmed with the number of illegal aliens streaming across the border, they barely have time to gather their information in the station and turn them loose.

“There is no active pursuit of aliens,” Ashurst said, adding that the middle of the night—normally a peak time for illegal crossings, is devoid of agent resistance. “They have basically shut down the graveyard shift.”

A former Border Patrol agent said that during the Obama administration his bosses would never give an order to “stand down,” because that would be illegal.

Instead they manipulated the line agents, by ordering them to patrol areas where they would not apprehend anyone.

“They move you to a place where there’s no traffic, so you can’t patrol a place where they’re having traffic,” the former agent said.

He recalled a time when there were about 50 Border Patrol vehicles stacked up at an intersection north of Douglas.

“We had been capturing smuggling cars coming out of Douglas at 12 o’clock, every night,” adding they were catching so many illegal aliens they needed to send in buses to transport them.

Then a supervisor ordered the successful agents to move to a dead zone.

“If we catch you outside that area, you’re going to be in processing for three months,” the supervisor ordered the line agents. “They didn’t tell us we couldn’t catch illegal aliens. They just moved us to a place where there weren’t any.”

Ashurst, who has written one of the best books on the decades-long border crisis, “Alligators in the Moat,” said that Border Patrol agents are being given the same basic orders in Texas and New Mexico. Those three states comprise about 93 percent of the 1,969 mile-long U.S.-Mexico border.

“America has no border,” Ashurst said. “The border is wide open. For all practical purposes, the border with Mexico does not exist at this time.”


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