There are soldiers stationed throughout the nation’s capital city, standing guard with M4 rifles outside government buildings, and deployed at checkpoints on city streets and camping on hard floors inside the U.S. Capitol.

Ann Vandersteel and Producer Liz, of Steel Truth media group, remain in the city, to report on what is taking place during some of the grimmest days in this city’s history.

There is a wide variety of opinions on what is about to take place--- ranging from some spectacular plan for President Donald Trump to stage a military event that will keep him in power, to the dreary mainstream report of a unique on-line inauguration of Joe Biden, with a small, tightly controlled audience.

The invitation of the National Guard soldiers to flood the city---instead of the normal event, in which citizens who supported the new president come out to celebrate---is ostensibly because there is great danger for Biden and the city, because of the violent Trump supporters. This is just another chapter from the extraordinary book of deception by the Democrats. I was in Washington, D.C., in December and early January, in order to specifically cover the marches and rallies of the Trump supporters.

There has been much ink spilled and words broadcasted about what occurred in order to falsely paint Trump supporters as violent threats to the Capitol, Congress, police and ultimately Biden and his inauguration. Trump supporters were not responsible for the violence that occurred on Jan. 6---and the Democrats know that very well. The evidence is overwhelming that the “storming of the Capitol” and the illegal entry of the building were facilitated by those who were in charge of the building and grounds---namely Democratic Party officials. The violence was evidently perpetrated by Antifa/BLM operatives, some of whom were dressed as Trump supporters.

In many cases, actual Trump supporters tried to restrain them, as they broke out windows and otherwise acted aggressively. There were two people who were killed during the riot. It is unclear exactly who killed these two victims, a U.S. Capitol Police Officer and a U.S. Air Force veteran, who was a Trump supporter. I believe if the killer of either of these people had been a Trump supporter, we would have heard about it.

Why all this security? Which brings us to the supposed burning need for super-high fences, military checkpoints and 20,000 soldiers. There has never been a plan for Trump supporters to attend the inauguration. When he was inaugurated four years ago, there was a healthy turnout, with tens of thousands of people packed onto the lawn in front of the Capitol, and many more on the mall, as far as the eye could see.

Given that his rallies attracted enormous crowds, and the march and speech of Jan. 6 attracted about one million people, Trump would have packed D.C. if he had been allowed to be inaugurated, after winning the election in a landslide. With no Trump supporters traveling to D.C. for the Biden inauguration, and no credible threat to him or anyone else, why has the nation’s capital turned into a city that resembles a Third-World dictatorship?

Could this be just another chapter in this massive deception, in which Trump supporters---who I have found to be almost entirely peaceful, middle-aged people, with strong religious faith---are painted as violent enemies of America? Will that bizarre false flag operation---in which agent provocateurs identified as Antifa members were ushered inside the Capitol, along with Trump supporters---be used indefinitely to define innocent American citizens?

I have been calling National Guard public information officers throughout the nation for the past two days, to find out why they have responded to this call---as if it is an enormous national emergency--- rather than a celebration of a new president. In times of floods, tornadoes, or even genuine wartimes, Guard public information officers are normally very responsive to reporters. They are genuine public servants, with nothing to hide.

That was not the case this time. There is an apparent cloak of secrecy over the activities of the military who are guarding Washington, D.C. After calling or emailing the Guard offices of 10 different states, I only found one who was willing to answer my basic questions. And that one officer was with the Illinois National Guard, with whom I had extensive previous contact during my prior employment as a newspaper reporter. From various press reports and National Guard Twitter accounts, it has been revealed that 21,000 Guard troops have been deployed, “to provide support to federal and district authorities” leading up to the inauguration. It has been reported that all 50 states, as well as territories, have sent troops. I don’t know if this is true.

South Dakota press reports showed that Guard soldiers were assembled, but I could not find any report on an actual deployment. It has been reported that there were about 8,000 National Guard troops deployed during the 2017 Trump inauguration.

I don’t doubt that there were soldiers there. However, I attended the main event on the Capitol grounds, and was in town for three days---and don’t recall seeing any of them. They were certainly unobtrusive at that time. The only problem that arose during those days were actual riots--- including fires, smashed building windows and attacks on innocent people---by Antifa members. They effectively caused the security points to the Trump parade to be shut down hours before it began.

There was not much in the press about that in the days that followed. D.C. was militarized before, in wartime As a young student, I recall that the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon had a similar strong military presence. There were snipers on rooftops, and soldiers marching ahead of him on both sides of the street during his parade, stationing themselves with rifles about every 15 feet, facing a mixed crowd of admirers and protestors. That was during the Vietnam War, and there had been many violent incidents by radical terrorist groups---similar to Antifa/BLM. In this case, the violent terrorists are firmly in the Biden camp, and we have not heard of any threats against Joe Biden.

Are we becoming a police state for any good reason? Or is this a reaction to the fact that the Biden-Harris people are terrified that Americans know they did not really win the election---and therefore are not legally entitled to be inaugurated. Members of the National Guard are some of the most outstanding Americans.

It was my privilege to cover their activities for many years in Illinois, as soldiers and airmen distinguished themselves during their deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as at the scenes of local disasters. It is eerie to see so many of them deployed as pawns of politicians, who are using them to present another element of their ongoing narrative of conservatives and Christians as enemies of their nation. -###-

Information on the deployment of the Illinois National Guard: + About 300 Illinois National Guard members, both Army Guard and Air Guard, were activated for the Washington D.C. mission. +

The soldiers and airmen have been deployed during the past week. In addition to the 2021 Presidential Inauguration support, the Illinois National Guard also supported the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. +

The Illinois National Guard falls under the lead federal agency, the U.S. Secret Service, and our mission is to protect the U.S. Capitol during the Inauguration. +

The federal government requested our support and offered to pay for the deployment of our troops and the governor authorized the deployment. +

Length of deployment is undetermined, but we expect that the troops will re-deploy a couple days after the Inauguration.


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