Steeltruth.Com Daily DOW Financial Headlines 3.5

The DOW Roared back to life on Friday, adding 572 points to close at 31496 at the end of the week’s trading. The Nasdaq also clawed back from the early week trouncing adding 196 to wrap the session at 12920, with the Bellwether S&P 500 adding 73 to close at 3841.

In the AIRLINE SECTOR, Boeing awards CEO $21 million in total compensation for 2020...

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun was awarded $21 million in total compensation for his work last year, but he gave up $3.6 million in salary and bonuses after the coronavirus pandemic hit and devastated the industry.Boeing shares closed at 223.22 in the Friday session.

In TECH NEWS, Tesla closes below 600 for the first time since December..the stock is being weighed down by several different factors

On Thursday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that “upward pressure on

prices” and “transitory increases in inflation” might be coming to the U.S. as

the economy reopens following a year of Covid restrictions that hit businesses

across the board. The market is now worried that interest rates will climb, and

the feds won’t take aggressive policy actions or even be able to control it.

Bond yields are surging. Tesla shares closed at 597 to end a tough week for Tech players!

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