Steel Truth's Winning Financial Headlines 3.9

The Dow Jones advanced 29 points in Tuesday action, trading in positive territory after being up as much as 360 points to close at 31822, with The Nasdaq gaining 464 to close at 13073 as the dizzying series of ups and downs continues! The S&P was up 54 to close at 3875 as the resilient US markets seem to shrug off some of the COVID BILL hangover.

We may be witnessing an new trend….”Where TESLA GOES, the TECH Market will FOLLOW” as a US Tech comeback rally gains steam as Nasdaq jumps 3.5%, Tesla rebounds 10%.

U.S. stocks jumped on Tuesday after bond yields declined, causing investors to buy the dip in beaten-up technology shares.The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite climbed 3.5%. Tesla shares popped 11.4% after a five-day losing streak, while Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix all gained at least 3%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 300 points. The S&P 500 gained 1.8%.


And with yet another example of the Installed Biden Administration’s ‘bait and switch” proposition to his supporters and voters on both sides of the aisle, Biden is loading up his administration with Big Tech’s most prominent critics

The selection of two major critics of the Big Tech companies, Lina Khan and Tim Wu, for key roles in the administration seems to signal that Biden is taking a tough look at giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The latter two of those companies are already facing federal antitrust lawsuits filed under the previous administration. Biden apparently subscribes to the adage “If They’ll to it FOR

YOU…then they’ll do it TO YOU!”

And why should Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and the rest of these bozos expect anything different? History has shown that despots and manipulators throughout the last 80 years or so use the media to get what they want and then purge the field of anyone who Could ultimately causes problems for themselves down the road. Think

Saddam Hussein, who took his cue from Josef Stalin. So, heads up FACEBOOK….and TWITTER…and GOOGLE…and AMAZON….you’re subject to the same “cancel culture” that you so vociferously championedduring the Trump Administration….and it couldn’t’ happen to a nicer bunch of people!

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