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Ann Vandersteel is targeted by federal agents

We live in the strangest of times.

The strangest thing about the times in which we live is the fact that American media cannot be trusted any more than the media of any totalitarian nation, such as the People’s Republic of China or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The journalists who report the truth on any issue are dubbed “conspiracy theorists” or “far right” pundits.

The propaganda churned out by formerly trusted U.S. media outlets has become predictable in its consistency of mendacity.

Readers and viewers know that any bizarre statement by “President” Joe Biden will be either ignored or spun to seem as if that was perfectly normal.

This thoroughly corrupt politician, who has been known as a pathological liar and a prolific bribe-taker for his entire career, admitted during his campaign that he did not need actual voters to vote for him.

The fix was in—and he was right.

I have seen a mountain of evidence on the rigged election—which the lying media repeatedly insist is all just a figment of the imagination of right-wing kooks.

However, there are a handful of Americans who work in independent media who bravely stand up to tell the truth about what is actually occurring.

I will place Ann Vandersteel and Producer Liz at the top of my list of those who seek to report factual information—regardless of consequences.

That is why I jumped at the opportunity to work with Steel Truth, after spending many years reporting for regular daily newspapers.

I rarely see any story or column in any of those papers that squarely takes on the most important issues of the day.

We live in the toughest of times, in which we can actually see, hear and even smell tyranny all around us.

Anthony Fauci, who apparently uses a dart board for scientific pronouncements, gives orders on masking, distancing and vaccines—and millions slavishly obey.

Steel Truth journalist harassed, repeatedly searched at airports

Vandersteel—who has challenged the government “experts” at every turn—recently underwent an ordeal involving federal agents at two U.S. airports.

She was harassed, intimately searched in public, and her baggage was transported to Washington, D.C.

Why would a lady who was traveling from Las Vegas to Florida the day before Mother's Day have her baggage sent to the nation's capital?

On Facebook Live Saturday, Vandersteel reported on what occurred to her, as well as in her blog that appears on this website:

Vandersteel did not receive any explanation for why she was singled out for this nefarious treatment—except that it was “random.”

That is not believable.

I believe it is because Ann Vandersteel has to be intimidated, in order to be silenced.

But she will not be silenced, and neither will any of us who are dedicated to old-fashioned journalistic practices, which have gone way out of fashion—especially during the past 12 years.

Here is a partial list of the issues that Ann Vandersteel and Producer Liz tackle on the Steel Truth newscasts:

· Whether the 2020 election was rigged

· Whether vaccines are harmful or effective to prevent disease

· Whether there is a real or fake Covid pandemic

· Whether America should allow hundreds of thousands of unvetted smugglers and immigrants to enter illegally

· Whether government officials can revoke freedoms of religion, speech, press, peacable assembly and petitioning government for redress of grievances

· Whether Americans have a right to possess firearms

· Whether U.S. government officials and their families can act as agents of foreign governments with impunity

· Whether federal law enforcement agencies can be used to arrest peaceful protestors and other political dissidents and hold them in solitary confinement without due process

These are all issues which are lied about by the media outlets which Americans formerly relied on to deliver the truth.

I am thankful that there are courageous journalists such as Ann Vandersteel and Producer Liz to stand up for those old-fashioned principles of presenting true stories

in the face of tyranny.


Ann Vandersteel, host of the Steel Truth nightly news show, appears at a rally in support of President Donald J. Trump in December, 2020, in Washington, D.C.

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