Restoring the Faces of Children

Updated: May 6

Moms lead movement after kids are harmed

Kimberly Reicks and Emily Peterson have seen their young daughters suffer terribly from the effects of mandated masking, as well as their subsequent treatment from school officials.

The two Ankeny, Iowa residents traveled to Oklahoma to tell their personal stories of the dire consequences of masking at the recent Health and Freedom Conference.

The stories the two friends told onstage about their children were so moving, that Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn, one of the featured speakers at the Mid-April conference, held a poster of Olivia Reicks onstage during most of his speech.

“Look at this picture right here,” Flynn told a crowd of 4,500 mask-less people. “This is outrageous. This poor child. Just like this thing says: My body my choice.”

Olivia Reicks, a 6-year-old kindergarten student, developed a severe facial rash after the school mandated that she had to wear a mask.

Evie Peterson, a 9-year-old third-grader who attended a different elementary school in the same district, was also singled out to be isolated from her peers, because she was unable to adjust to a face mask.

Because she could not keep a mask off long enough to allow her face to heal, Olivia developed an unsightly staph infection near her mouth.

After trying different prescribed medications, a physician told Kimberly Reicks that Olivia needed to keep her mask off her face in order to heal.

Although the Iowa governor had removed all mask mandates, Ankeny school officials told Reicks her only options would be for Olivia to wear a face shield or have Plexiglas installed around her desk.

“I said absolutely no to the Plexiglas desk,” Reicks said “That is not happening. That would make my child feel horrible. So we agreed to a face shield.”

Because the face shield was not considered safe enough, Olivia was ordered to stay at least six feet away from all other children at all times, and forced to be the child who walked at the end of every hallway line.

One morning, after Olivia told her mom she wouldn’t wear the shield anymore, and her mom went along with her decision, the boom came down on the kindergartner.

“They made her sit in the principal’s office all morning long, then brought her lunch to the office,” Reicks recalled. “After lunch, they brought my daughter back into her room. They put Plexiglas around her desk. They made my daughter feel horrible.”

Olivia came home in tears, saying, “Mommy, Mommy they didn’t make me wear my mask, but they put this thing around my desk. It’s like this big. I can see through it, but I can’t see out of it and people can’t come near me.”

That took the struggle for Olivia’s well-being to the next level.

Emily Peterson called their state senator on behalf of her friend’s daughter. The Plexiglas was then removed from Olivia’s desk.

Exemption leads to isolation

Evie Peterson, a 9-year-old 3rd-grader, came home from school every day with the same complaints.

“I can’t breathe in a mask,” she told her mother. “I can’t learn, I can’t focus. I have a headache. Please don’t make me wear a mask anymore.”

Emily Peterson, a former grade school teacher, brought her grievance to the school board. She desperately wanted Evie, a special education student, to be able to attend school without wearing a mask.

She explained that she believed Evie was eligible for a medical exemption, as a result of the American Disabilities Act.

The superintendent told her she had to prove the mask itself was affecting her learning disability. “Then I sought Iowa law, in which they have to honor a religious exemption,” Peterson recalled. “So I got the religious exemption and thought: This is the chance to free my daughter from her mask, and help her out of her emotional and social suffering.”

She was told that Evie would have to wear a face shield, and stay six feet away from every teacher and student. And she would also have to have a Plexiglas shield on her desk.

“Since Evie has been wearing her shield, has the Plexiglas over her desk and has to stay six feet from her friends, she is a very sad little girl,” Peterson said during an interview on April 17. “She used to be a very joy-filled child, full of life and love, loving to be around people. Now she is very emotional. Oftentimes she comes home very sad.”

This is the plea she began hearing from Evie: “Mom, please don’t make me come back to school. I don’t want to go there anymore.”

Leading the struggle to unmask children

Although Peterson tried to keep her in school—as she was already teaching three older children at home—she took Evie out of school as soon as she returned home from Oklahoma.

Although she is at home, Evie is still suffering from the trauma she underwent.

“She has separation anxiety, irrational fears,” Peterson said. “She has the fear of rain now. Very odd. She doesn’t like to leave me. She wants to know where I am at all times.”

And Reicks, her partner in spreading the word on the danger of masking, also brought her daughter home from school.

“I pulled Olivia out of school on the 19th,” said Reicks, 38, who home-schools two of her seven children. “She does on-line schooling now. I’m not sending her back to school. I’m afraid of what they might do to retaliate. I don’t want to put her through that anymore.”

Reicks and Peterson, encouraged by many sympathetic people at the conference, are regularly attending Ankeny Community School District board meetings, and communicating with parents nationwide via their Facebook, Instagram and Telegram accounts.

“We are going to keep protesting every first and third Monday at the Administration office,” Peterson said. “If anyone from Iowa can join us, we need the numbers. We are praying for 50 people.”

She said their Facebook group is growing exponentially.

“We want to get the word out, so that every parent that is suffering like we are can do something for their children,” Peterson said.


To contact Kimberly Reicks and Emily Peterson:

Facebook :Freedom over Fear-Unmask Children

Telegram: Freedom over Fear-Iowa

Instagram: freedom_over_fear_umc


"All of this was a plandemic and it was all part of an agenda. So our children are just the recipients of it and they are the ones suffering from it. We need to listen to the truth. It’s out there. We need to look for it. We need to find it. And we need to stop listening to the propaganda media." Teacher and mother Emily Peterson.

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