Financial Headlines 2.9

The Dow dropped slightly on Tuesday, down to finish at 31375, as The Nasdaq tops 14k points to finish trading at 14007. The S&P was mostly flat,

dropping 4 to close at 3911 at in Tuesday Trading.

In SHAMDEMIC News, it is reported that About 60% of nursing home staff declined Covid vaccines, according to a Walgreen’s executive.

Many Americans have logged on to websites before sunrise, waited in long lines and driven hours to get Covid vaccines.Yet in nursing homes, the experience has been the opposite: About 60% of employees at long-term care facilities declined the shots, said Rick Gates, Walgreens senior vice president of pharmacy and healthcare. He said about 20% of residents also declined the vaccines. You don’t say…you mean SIXTY PERCENT of people working at these facilities have not swallowed. The company line about vaccinations? This on the heels of more planted news stories about falling Covid rates yesterday for the past quarter. Next stop, Candy Colored Unicorns from the Joe Biden Book of Wishes delivers technicolor Fart Blossoms to the ACLU and Greenpeace!

And Speaking of paving the way for Joe Biden Cronies in the Chines Communist Party, Huawei Files U.S. Lawsuit Disputing That It Is a Security Threat!

The Chinese telecom giant challenges FCC ruling, as founder says he would welcome Biden outreach China’s Huawei Technologies Co. filed a lawsuit in the U.S. disputing its designation as a national security threat by the Federal Communications Commission, stepping up legal challenges in the country despite a change of administration in Washington. The lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit asked for a review of an FCC ruling last year that found the company poses a national security threat and blocked American telecommunications operators from accessing a multibillion-dollar fund to buy Huawei-made telecom gear. Don’t worry, Huawei, your plant in the Oval Office will figure out a way to circumvent U.S. Policy to line the pockets of his family and friends on the Beltway before you can say CHINA VIRUS!

Looks like they are taking a page from the SmartMatic Playbook..file a suit to anyone or any organization that calls the CCP on the carpet for their shenanigans! Just ask the spineless executives over at FOX BUSINESS about it!

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