Financial Headlines 2.26

The Dow shed another 469 points in Friday trading to close at 30932 as the bloodbath on wall street continues. Nasdaq gained 72 points to wrap the session at 13192. Bellwether S&P 500 lost 18 to wrap a tumultuous week, closing at 3811.

The Dow wasn’t the only bomb this week, as clueless Joe and his gang of morons resume Middle East business as usual…sending in airstrike to Iran backed Syrian target….in order to “send a message to Iran”…..too late Joe, you and Hussein sent a message loud and clear in 2016 with a cargo transport loaded with cash to a country that has pledged to “Wipe America off of the Map”….Good On Ya, Alzheimer’s Joe….but…again….I Digress.

In More Keystone Cops Related Regulatory News in the Airline Sector United Airlines Agrees to Pay $49 Million to Resolve Mail-Related Charges.

United was accused of submitting false delivery-scan data between 2012 and 2015 to make it appear that the airline and its partners had transported mail in a timely manner to the intended recipient, the DOJ said. Under the agreements, United was entitled to full payment when scans were provided and the mail was timely delivered, the agency said. The DOJ said United admitted to concealing problems related to scanning and mail

movements that, if known, would have subjected the carrier to financial penalties under the international contracts. UAL Shares closed at 52.68 for the week

in SHAMDEMIC News, anFDA panel unanimously recommends third Covid vaccine as J&J wins key vote in path to emergency use.

A key Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Friday unanimously

backed Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot coronavirus vaccine for emergency use,

a critical step paving the way to distribute a third preventative treatment in the U.S.

next week. Johnson & Johnson shares gained 2 to close at 160 on the news!

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