Financial Headlines 2.25

The Dow gave up 559 points in Thursday trading to close at 31307 as jittery markets nose dived across the board. Nasdaq tanked to the tune of 478 points to wrap the session at 13119. The S&P also dropped 96 to finish The Thursday Session at 3815 as the reality of the gross monstrosity of a 1.9 trillion dollar COVID bill inches closer to a vote by the current jack book lockstep DO NOTHING DEMOCRAT party.

The bond market is betting on a red hot economy and stocks don’t like it…and why not…with the GUBMINT renewing its commitment to quantitative easing, they’ll just continue to PRINT MORE WORTHLESS GREENBACKS to buy up assets instead of mandating common sense PAY AS YOU GO Economic Principles where the MARKET CORRECTS ITSELF…Instead, these clueless pleebs in the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION will continue on their reckess path to make Americans dependent on and every growing and bloated Big Government Bureaucracy. But I Digress.

On Thursday, for the first time, the market has begun to question how long the Fed can stay on hold when the economy could come thundering back. But If the installed BIDEN team of Keystone Cop Economic Advisers have anything to do with it, we will have 4 Dollar A Gallon Gas and a free fall in the DOW by the end of 2nd Quarter! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

WATCH OUT, SLEEPY JOE VOTERS…in an ominous sign of things to come, over in HONG KONG, China’s Campaign to Crush Democracy is Working.

The Freewheeling former British colony has been brought to heel by a new national-security law used to quell street protests, ban foreign lobbying and gut the legislature. Sound familiar? should..and with the CCP clearly pulling the strings with CREEPY, SLEEPY JOE, it is only a matter of time before these tactics are employed to silence YOU…THE PEOPLE…In the immortal words of Perry Mason Prosecutor Hamilton Burger….the BIDEN CABAL is his entire line of reasoning is incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial!

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