Financial Headlines 2.24

The Dow jumped 424 points on Hump day, inching closer to another record, as The Nasdaq picked up 132 points to wrap the session at 13465. The S&P added 44 to finish Wednesday trading at 3925, edging back to the 4k Mark!

Yes, The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new record Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated his intention to maintain ultra low interest rates and continue the bank’s asset-purchase policies...

In what may be one of the last TRUMP TRIUMPHS to report now that the installed BIDEN REGIME is making everything they touch in the economy turn to DOO DOO, the latest report on December home prices saw an increase of 10.4%, the biggest gain in 7 years, says the S&P Case-Shiller Index report.

December is usually the slowest month for the housing market, but price gains didn’t slow down one bit in 2020. In fact, they rose at the fastest pace in seven years. That’s the strongest annual growth rate in over six years, and a significantly stronger gain than in November, when prices were up 9.5%. It also ranks as one of the largest annual gains in the more than 30-year history of the

index. So Thanks, PRESIDENT TRUMP….we will keep an eye on this sector as the disastrous attempts to destroy US FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE by the BIDEN CABAL continues!

And SPEAKING of Defacating the Bed, the Wall Street Journal reports that the BIDEN STIMULUS BILL is a 1.9 Trillion Dollar Clunker!

Democrats are anxious for any excuse to blow up the Senate filibuster, the last procedural hurdle to one-party government. Their latest is that Republicans oppose the president’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Despite having passed five bipartisan

Covid-19 relief bills to date—including one barely seven weeks ago—they claim that any opposition to this pork laden monstrosity demonstrates historic refusal to cooperate…with their MORONIC PORK LADEN MONSTROSITY!

But remember this PATRIOTS….YOU HAVE THE POWER…These power hungry traitors are only passing through! Believe It!

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