Fighting for America’s Children

A time to recognize the perilous times and get involved

Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn received a hero’s welcome from the enthusiastic crowd as he stepped to the microphone.

His presence at the Health and Freedom Conference in Oklahoma was a key factor in it selling out all its tickets in a short time span.

Flynn, 62, who was falsely charged with lying to the FBI—as part of an all-out assault by Barack Obama and his cronies on the Trump administration—has emerged as a key figure in the movement to challenge the result of the stolen election and fight for America to remain a free country.

A counter-terrorism expert who enjoyed a stellar 33-year career in the Army, Flynn told the crowd of 4,500 on Friday, April 16, that they needed to get involved in local political activities.

Flynn—wearing a khaki field jacket, Fight Like a Flynn T-shirt and blue jeans—kicked off his speech by picking up a poster that was left on the stage by the mother of a 6-year-old girl.

“It is really about the children. I’m standing here today, not for me and not for you, unless there’s children out here and grandchildren out here,” Flynn said, adding that for the children in the audience “this is the most important day of your life.”

The poster Flynn held in his left hand for most of the time he was onstage pictured Olivia, daughter of Kimberly Reicks of Ankeny, Iowa. She appeared to very sad. Her face was reddened below her mouth. An inscription explained that her mask caused a staph infection four times. Her mother has been fighting to allow her to attend school without a mask.

Flynn was obviously moved by the story of this little girl, which fit in with his theme of dedication to future generations.

“Look at this picture right here,” Flynn said. “This is outrageous. This poor child. Just like this thing says: My body my choice.”

Flynn said we all need to be allowed to breathe freely. He acknowledged that he was “preaching to the choir” as not one person in the audience was wearing a mask.

As an example of citizen activism, Flynn said he recently met a man from Florida, where there is no state mask mandate, who organized citizens to address a school board that insisted on masking its students.

“They didn’t send one person to represent the town, to go to the school board, they sent 3,000 citizens,” Flynn said.

We are living in a historic era unlike any other, Flynn said.

“This is a transition point of divergence. That means we are splitting apart. We are moving on one of two paths. And the path I want to continue to move on is this beautiful experiment in democracy called the constitutional republic.”

The alternative path is a path toward socialism, and then communism.

“This is for real,” Flynn said. “We are facing an element in our country, a small element, well-organized, well-funded, and they’ve got power. They outsmarted us. They out-maneuvered us. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t win that election, because we did win that election.”

Prayer is the most powerful weapon

A man of faith, who credits God for bringing him and his family through the hardest time of his life, Flynn said America was built on Biblical principles, enshrined in its founding documents.

“We have hundreds of millions of Christians around this country, and hundreds of millions of Christians around the world,” Flynn said. “Freedom is something that we breathe. Freedom is something that we live. Freedom is something that we take for granted.”

America is the nation built on the foundation of individual rights for its citizens.

“Just like the principles that are in the Bill of Rights, the principles that are in the Ten Commandments are the principles of the foundation of the Bible,” Flynn said. “The Constitution provides us with a fulfillment—who we are as a nation; who we are as a people.”

Flynn said that during his stay in Oklahoma, many people told him they were praying for him, as he endured the terrible ordeal, which lasted for almost four years from false arrest to dismissal of charges.

“Prayer is the most powerful weapon system known to man,” Flynn said. “Prayer gives a voice to the voiceless.”

There’s a lot of people out there that have lost hope, Flynn said.

“What we need to fall back on is faith. Faith is something that is the here and now. Faith is what I’m going to do right now. I am standing up here right now because of my faith. My faith in you, my faith in the American people.”

The phrase “We the People” is meaningful, Flynn said.

“You have a responsibility. You have a task. You have to go back to your communities, you have to get involved. You don’t have a choice. If you’re tired of something, now is the time to stop sitting and talking, and now is the time to stand and do.”


Gen. Michael Flynn, former national security advisor, has emerged as a key leader in the struggle to expose election fraud and return America to a path of individual freedoms.

He was a key speaker at the Health and Freedom Conference April 16 in Oklahoma.

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