Chinese Communists Installed Biden

Updated: Apr 22

New movie presents evidence of foreign election interference

Mike Lindell’s latest movie on massive election fraud, “Absolute Interference,” was released at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

It contains a mountain of new evidence—presented by leading government and academic forensic experts—which proves that the Democrats conspired with the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign actors to install Joe Biden as president of the United States.

Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, says that he believes this film contains so much irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump won by a landslide, that the U.S. Supreme Court will have to take action to provide a remedy.

On the day before this film was released, MyPillow filed a $1.6 billion federal lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems—which had previously filed a lawsuit against MyPillow and Lindell.

Lindell's company alleges that Dominion has been waging an illegal campaign “to punish and silence their critics.”

A strong supporter of Trump, Lindell has recently said he believes Trump will be back in the White House by August.

The forensic computer experts presented in the film, some of whom remained anonymous, presented evidence of interference through the use of voting machines that were connected to the Internet for several days.

“It had to be (online) beforehand, during and after,” said Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a widely published physicist, who had been contacted by a Congressional candidate who believed her election was stolen.

Frank examined all the counties in Ohio, using data from the U.S. Census, as well as information on the Ohio Secretary of State’s webpage. He presented a chart of Hamilton County, in which 95 percent of all residents were registered to vote. A typical percentage is about 80 percent, Frank said.

This meant there were phantom voters on the rolls. This was confirmed by sending workers out to knock on 1,600 doors after the election. Thirty-two percent of the households—almost one-third—had a phantom voter registered at that address.

Another anomaly was that each age group had the same percentage of voters—because the voting machines were set to produce the exact same results for each group. Eighty-six percent of registered voters—18 to 100 years old—cast ballots.

“Which of course is preposterous,” Frank said, adding that the exact same pattern of 86 percent of registered voters casting ballots was repeated in all 88 counties.

“It was done in every state,” Frank reported, as he sat with Lindell on the movie set.

“They set this algorithm in every machine,” Lindell said.

But that initial plan, of using many phony votes, had to be augmented—because Trump won an enormous number of actual votes.

He said the actual total of the popular vote was over 80 million for Trump, about 66 million for Biden.

“They under-predicted votes for Trump. That broke the algorithm,” Frank said, adding that “algorithm” is a fancy word for an instruction to a computer. “They had to stop it in the middle of the night.”

Another expert, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that polling places—including three key counties in Georgia—were using cell phones connected to the Internet, which provided hot spots to election machines. The phone manufacturer, Alcotel, was purchased by a Chinese state-owned company, TCL.

These phones were connected to the Internet from election machine servers in 14 U.S. states to computers in China. The expert said he matched IP addresses, which identify the locations of computers, as they were connected with the TCL company address in China.

“We have absolute proof of illegal incursions in 150 election servers, including multiple secretary of state offices,” the expert said. “China chose Biden, not the American people.”

Gen. Thomas McInerny, former Air Force assistant vice chief, said that this was the most massive, unprecedented cyber-attack in history.

“The pandemic was a deliberate biological attack by the Chinese Communist Party,” said McInerney, adding that the pandemic and the election attacks were closely connected.

McInerney said these attacks on America are part of the CCP’s global agenda to take down the world leader of national security.

“Look who they put in,” McInerney said, referring to Biden.

Col. Phil Waldron (retired), a cyber and political-warfare expert, said the Chinese Communists are implementing their doctrine of unrestricted warfare.

“They plan on hundreds of years of strategy,” said Waldron, who testified at November hearings on election fraud in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

McInerney said this is a crucial moment in U.S. history, equal to the key battles of World War II, for the patriots willing to fight for freedom today.

“This is their Normandy, this is their Iwo Jima, this is their Mt. Suribachi,” said McInerney, 84, who served four tours of duty in Vietnam, including 407 combat missions as a pilot and forward air controller.

Gen. Michael Flynn (retired), former U.S. National Security Advisor and counter-terrorism expert in Afghanistan and Iraq, said foreign interference in the 2020 election is real.

“This election was manipulated both internally and by foreign interference,” Flynn said. The intelligence community, which is very hard to believe these days, just reported that foreign interference did occur in our election. So let’s see how this occurred, because we don’t want to have this happen again.”

Flynn said he is certain other nations interfered, including Iran, Russia and Venezuela. But China was the main culprit.

“This is real stuff, and it proves we had foreign interference in our election,” Flynn said of the evidence provided in this film

“We’re going to keep making these documentaries,” said Lindell, whose first movie on the subject, “Absolute Proof,” has been seen by 150 million viewers worldwide. “We’re going to keep pouring evidence out.”

If there was an illustration in the dictionary of a patriot, Mike Flynn’s picture would be there, Lindell said.

“If there’s anything I’ve done in my life, in service to this country, if I’ve fought for anything, I look back at what happened on the third of November, and what I know to be true, this is probably the most important endeavor in my life,” Flynn said. “And it’s really not for me. It’s for my children and especially my grandchildren going forward, because I want this country to continue to be one of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


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