Another Day of Infamy

January 20, 2021, will go down in history as a Day of Infamy.

This is the day that a corrupt, traitorous male, a representative of a political party with no loyalty to the United States, was installed as the president of the republic.

We will not mourn and weep as the party that worked together with foreign enemies to overthrow the will of the American people celebrates its illegitimate victory.

We will be busy forming a new political party, with members who are loyal to America, who put faith in Almighty God ahead of lust for power and money, and value the life of every child He creates.

The depth of corruption of politicians of both major parties has come to light.

Few of them have any regard for our laws, justice, the Constitution or the American people.

Joe Biden did not lawfully win enough votes to be installed into office.

He was the beneficiary of a criminal conspiracy, which included the unleashing of a virus from a Chinese Communist Party military laboratory, followed by massive voter fraud of an unprecedented scale.

While Americans are torn in their understanding---due to a mendacious media that is allergic to truth---the evidence is overwhelming that President Donald J. Trump won a second term.

The entire free world, and citizens of totalitarian nations yearning to be free, are in shock to see America losing its precious status as a free nation.

On July 4, 1776, it appeared that a small band of patriots were foolish to declare themselves free from the most powerful monarchy on Earth.

After Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, it was considered brazen ignorance for a nation devastated by a depression to take on the most powerful militarized nations in the world.

Americans who voted for President Trump---including those who have gathered and presented mountains of evidence of his victory---are forming a Patriot Party to take back our country.

This is not something that is will be instantly popular or successful, but a necessary leap forward that will catch fire, just as the Republican Party did in the six years leading to its nomination of Abraham Lincoln as its presidential candidate.

The stolen election not only exposed the extreme corruption of the Democratic Party---but the weakness and cowardice of the majority of the Republican Party.

There has never been another time when so many citizens, who call themselves Republicans, Democrats and Independents, are fed up with the whole stinking barrel of non-representative politicians.

The leaders of the first American Revolution, as well as the leaders of the nation that defeated the Axis Powers 75 years ago, depended on Almighty God for our unlikely victories, and the freedom won at a tremendous cost of human lives.

Americans today are no less patriotic and determined to win back our freedoms than our fathers and forefathers.

May God grant us the victories we need, as peacefully as possible, to once again become the beacon of freedom and justice in a darkened world.

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